Information System

The Key to Improving Your Manufacturing Performance

Transforming production operations into strategic assets and increasing manufacturing flexibility in a global economy requiresinformation.

Accurate, comprehensive insight into your manufacturing process is vital to sustaining improvement; it's the basis for synchronizing your supply chain and enterprise business systems with plant IT investments.

We pair automation control and information with industry-specific software applications to offer the first practical, cost-effective solution to your manufacturing information needs: real-time production tracking, visibility and control across lines and plants — regardless of location.

Our understanding of automation, your manufacturing processes, and plant information technologies makes Sofcon Systems uniquely qualified to address your manufacturing challenges.

  1. Experience in information integration and internet technologies.
  2. Repeatable methodology that ensures success.
  3. Manufacturing Performance Solutions solve planning, scheduling, and execution operations.
  4. Manufacturing Assessment and Planning Services swiftly pinpoint areas of major weakness in your existing manufacturing.

Tailored industry solutions for rapid ROI.