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Substation Automation Solutions

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Substation automation is a popular expression recently to fabricate a more intelligent, more solid power grid. As the innovation is changing with high speed and wellbeing of the power grid has gotten unavoidable. No one realizes that what will occur in the following minute and in this manner, the powerful constant estimation has happened. The SCADA framework is additionally moving to be the innovation of the past and synchro phaser innovation is supplanting with moderate speed by introducing PMUs (Phasor Measurement Units) for observing the quantity of crucial substation and line boundaries. Substation automation alludes to utilizing information from canny intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) control and robotization capacities inside the substation and control orders from distant users to control power system gadgets.


This asset compelled frameworks like intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) like RTUs, reclosers, PLC, V meters, video for security or gear status evaluation, metering, exchanging, volt/VAR, wave structure, occasion information, the executives and so forth. Some of the key benefits of substation automation are programmed oversight of interlocks, global and local caution and alarm, detecting fault location for distribution systems, equipment diagnostics. Digitizing Substations will offer huge expense saving, execution upgrade and safety improvements by furnishing primary equipment with current sensors and digitizing ordinary copper-based simple correspondence with secure, consistent, consistent and open standard base fibre optic correspondence. Hence, it is imperative to have substation automation for acquiring more solid power grids to move towards innovation and modern technology to help us live every day better.


Basic Functions of SAS

Basic Functions Typical Examples of Functions
Monitoring Functions
  • Monitoring of switchgear status, transformer tap position & tap changer status etc.
  • Monitoring of control & protection equipment soundness.
  • Monitoring of electrical quantities, e.g. current, voltage, frequency, MW, MVAR etc.
  • Monitoring of station auxiliary supply and DC system.
Control Functions
  • Controlling of circuit breakers & disconnecting switches. opening & closing.
  • Synchronization checking.
  • Maintaining switchgear operational interlocking.
  • Controlling of voltage regulation.
  • Controlling of reactive power.
Recording Functions
  • Recording of monitoring data.
  • Fault, disturbance and event recording.
Protection Functions
  • Protection of generator, transmission line, power transformer, busbar, RPC bank, distribution feeders, shunt capacitor, shunt reactor etc.

Major Benefits of SAS

  • Increases reliability and flexibility of the power system.
  • Integrated protection & control accelerates response to problems.
  • A new approach to predict voltage instability.
  • Comparatively easy and cost effective maintenance.
  • Intelligent under frequency initiated load shedding to avoid blackouts.
  • Disturbance recording for fault location and power quality assessment.
  • Power system condition assessment for better knowledge.

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